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Frequently Asked Questions

Republic Grand Ranch

Republic Grand Ranch Frequently Asked Questions

Watch the video or see below for answers to our customer’s most frequently asked questions.

Where is Republic Grand Ranch located?

Republic Grand Ranch is located in the Willis area, about five to six minutes off I-45 on the east side of FM 1097.

How far away are modern amenities?

We’re about six minutes away from grocery stores, shopping, and restaurants with easy access to I-45 to get around. We’re also only 20 minutes from The Woodlands, which has some of the best area hospitals, restaurants, and shopping options. There is really no need to go past The Woodlands anymore.

What is there to do nearby?

Minutes down the road is Lake Conroe. The northern part of the lake is great for kayaking and fishing. The southern part is great for boating at jet skiing. That’s where all the restaurants are too.

National Forests surround us here. There are about 1,200 miles of trails that are all connected for dirt biking, walking, and horseback riding. There are State Parks right down the road that are excellent for camping, too. People drive hours to come and do all these things, but all of this is right here in our backyard.

What are the amenities at Republic Grand Ranch?

There is an amazing 37-acre park area at Republic Lake, which is a huge playground for everyone. The lake features three fishing docks and is stocked with bass – every other catch is a three or four-pounder. We’re adding some hiking trails through the park, and two pavilions for barbecue.

The main entrance is going to feature a grand two-lane entrance. By the time you pull into the driveway after a hard day of work and traffic, all that stress is just out the window.

Why is the land so inexpensive?

That’s the model of Patten Properties. You’re buying land in the pre-development stage before the electricity, high-speed fiber optic internet, water lines are in, and roads are paved. So when you first come out here, it’s going to be dirt roads with the lot lines cut.

Another reason you’re getting it so cheap is that we pick these areas outside of the city before growth makes its way here. Once that happens, that’s when property values are likely to go up. You get ahead of the game by purchasing out here and those savings get passed on to you.

Another special thing about Patten Properties is their model with acreage. We’re not like other companies where we cram houses on top of houses throughout the whole community. Everyone has their own space and privacy on each lot. You’re not going to see anyone else’s house from your yard.

Is there a price per acre?

We price by the lot itself, starting at $79,900. Prices go up from there depending on the terrain, location, and size of the lot. For those needing a bigger lot or a certain size, multiple lots can be purchased next to each other.

Is there a time limit to build at Republic Grand Ranch?

There’s no time limit to build. This gives you plenty of time to make the right decision on which builder to choose and pick the perfect plan. There’s no stress with meeting a time constraint out here.

Can I choose my own Builder?

We do have a list of builders that the developers vetted for. For years and years, we examined them from top to bottom, making sure their products and customer service are on point, and that the timeframe for building is accurate. We did all the hard work to help our residents and community. The hardest part is choosing a builder – this is a big investment and you want them to do it right. We’ve made sure that one of these builders is going to be a perfect fit.

How does financing work?

You need 10% down to take a lot off the market. We have a great list of lenders to choose from, including 10% down and 15 – 20% down lenders. Some pay for closing costs, and some have really low rates, making this a great mix to choose from. All of our current lenders work with customers located out-of-state and out of the country. This kind of flexibility makes it an easy process for everyone. We also offer incentives for those who travel here and purchase a lot.

Is there an HOA?

Yes, our HOA is $495 a year and is in place to protect the community and land value. It also goes towards all the landscaping and maintenance to keep this community looking pristine.

What are the protective covenants?

The minimum square footage to build at Republic Grand Ranch is 2,000 square feet. You can go as big as you need to but that’s to protect your land and the value of having nice-sized houses in the community. It would be tough to meet the minimum with a trailer, cabin, or tiny home but you could look into alternative ways to reach the minimun, like adding up to 65% masonry on the outside.

What are the utilities?

Utilities include water, electricity, and high-speed fiber optic internet. The community has a well water system that offers fresh water with fewer contaminants than city water.

Are farm animals allowed?

You can have one horse or one laying hen per acre. Domestic animals are allowed as well.

What school districts are close by?

Republic Grand Ranch is in the Willis Independent School District.

Can I see what lots are available online?

Our inventory sells too quickly to keep it updated online. The first two sections sold out in about two weeks. If you’re interested in what we do have available, just give us a call and we’ll show you our inventory.

If I can't travel right now, can I still buy land?

We offer virtual tours to those who can’t travel to the property. We’ll walk down the lot lines, and see the terrain, types of trees, and the location. And if it’s something that you want to purchase, then you just need 10% down and we’ll get the paperwork started, which can be done electronically.

Who is buying land at Republic Grand Ranch?

It’s a big mix. We have families that are just starting out with little kids all the way to people that are about to retire or just retired. All shapes, all sizes, all colors – you name it.

We’re getting a lot of people coming from California or New York who can sell their house for close to a million dollars out there. But when they come to Republic Grand Ranch, can build their dream home, and get some acreage at a fraction of what they sold their previous house for.

Everyone wants to get away. You want that peace and quiet in your home with some elbow room so you’re not just crammed next to all the other houses in your neighborhood.

How much are taxes?

There are very few taxes out here. The HOA is $495 a year and taxes are under 2%. With everything going on in this world, it’s kind of hard not to get caught up in the numbers. But when you come out to Republic Grand Ranch, you come back to what matters in life – the sense of community around you, the privacy of your own home site. The freedom is just endless out here.

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